Get Your Book Out of Your Head & Into the World

As a Book & Writing Coach, I'll help you connect to, trust in, & act on your soul's creative callings to take your book idea from concept to completion.

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I'll help you connect to, trust in & act on your creative callings and take your book idea from concept to completion.

Hey, I'm Amy Isaman!
I help aspiring authors write their stories, whether it's a novel, memoir, or non-fiction.


I love story, whether it's an amazing fictional world filled with characters I wish I knew in real life (or maybe not), a compelling memoir where I can get a glimpse into another's wisdom gained from another's life experiences, or a non-fiction book driven by the author's own lived experience and work.

I also know exactly what it feels like when that story you've always wanted to write, comes knocking and says, "NOW, write me," and you have no idea where to start.

OR perhaps, you've never dreamed of writing and have been surprised by this new mid-life calling to write that's come knocking.

You can learn how to write your story by reading books on craft, studying mentor texts, or taking creative writing courses. All of these can absolutely help.

But none of them provide the close guidance, feedback, structure, and support that a book or writing coach offers.

A book coach can:

  • help you commit to and complete your book
  • support you as you work through some of the emotional/creative sabotages that will come up, such as self-doubt, imposter syndrome, perfectionism, or procrastination
  • help you form writing habits that work
  • provide feedback on your writing, letting you know what's working and what's not, and guiding you to learn how to do that for yourself
  • support you with the developing and planning out the big pieces of your book like the narrative arc or the character's transformation
  • help you through the ideation/planning, drafting/writing, and revising/editing phases of producing a book

If you're ready to begin writing your best book and taking your idea from concept to completion, let's chat.

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Program Participant

"Amy guided and encouraged me through an adventure of self-exploration and discovery. She helped me breakthrough my deep-seated belief that I was not creative. She was absolutely brilliant at holding a space in which I felt safe exploring the possibilities without trying to define them for me. I felt like I had my own, personal creativity cheerleader offering different perspectives and encouragement the whole way. I can’t recommend Amy and her programs enough!"

~M. Thatcher, participant in The Artist's Way Program