QUIZ: WHAT'S YOUR PLAY PERSONA? Find out to begin (re)connecting with your playful self!

Play Your Way Out of Overwhelm to find your Joy, Creativity, Passion & Inspiration

Read a book. . . Dance. . . Follow YOUR heart because great things come to those who PLAY!

When was the last time you got totally lost in something that you love to do without ANY guilt or one single thought about what you “should” be doing?

Do you even remember?

Or has your business consumed your life?

You launched your business

  • To create freedom for yourself,
  • To watch your children go and spend more time with them because you were tired of missing those big moments
  • To be your own boss
  • To travel with your family
  • To make money because you had to support yourself and raise your kiddos
  • To push yourself out of your comfort zone and see if you could actually do this “thing”
  • To escape the stress and frustration of a job that didn’t fulfill you

But you’ve found that you SUCK at being your own boss. Why? Because you work yourself to the bone.

You’ve discovered that you’ll work 60+ hours a week for yourself…all in the name of freedom.

But….the problem is that you don’t feel free.

Instead, guilt strikes when you take a break.

I’m Amy Isaman, an author, creativity catalyst, en-JOY engineer, and happiness mindset coach.

I teach ambitious, busy mid-life women how to play and have fun without any guilt so that they can get out of overwhelm, EN - joy life, and grow their business.

Seriously...it PAYS to play a little every day.