The Artist's Way Creativity Circle
Spring 2020

with Amy Isaman, Creativity Catalyst & Coach

The Artist's Way Creativity Circle
Spring 2020

with Amy Isaman, Creativity Catalyst & Coach

Everyone is Creative!

Yes, even YOU are creative.

But...are you exploring and playing with your creativity?

You should be acting on those creative callings for one simple reason...

Life is WAY more fun when we allow ourselves to follow our wild hearts and create. And if there's ever been a time where we could all use a little more fun, it's NOW.

Unfortunately, all too often we let perfectionism, our busy schedules, procrastination, overwhelm, overthinking (one of my favs), lack of clarity, resistance, or just plain old FEAR keep us from bringing our ideas to fruition.

If you are ready for a safe, collaborative, supportive space to:

  • explore your creative ideas & potential
  • reconnect with your playful inner child
  • take some creative risks
  • tackle your creative blocks
  • learn practical tools to deepen and reconnect with your creative self during these uncertain times
  • get clarity on what you might like to create
  • play and grow with others

I invite you to join me for this 13-week program. Though we've started, you can still join us and get  caught up. Doors will close Monday, April 7.

This Workshop is based on Julia Cameron's work and curriculum.

We will meet every Tuesday, beginning March 31st - June 23rd at 7:00 pm PST.

During each session, we will explore, discuss, and reflect upon our daily practices of the morning pages, weekly Artist's date, creative exercises, and our own personal creative projects and progress. You will also receive weekly emails to support you on your journey of creative self-discovery.


Each day we will write our Morning pages, what I often call deep soul writing. These pages are a foundational practice where we will begin to open ourselves to our own creative process and ideas and become intimate with...ourselves. It's a beautiful process.


The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron will be our "textbook" and guide as we work our way through the exercises. There are lots and you are not "required" to complete them all. You may explore one at length or touch on several in a week. This is YOUR own guided exploration.


The beauty of doing this work together is the opportunity to commit to, support, question, discuss, and offer our own creative insights and hearts to the collective. There is power in connecting which we will do each week on calls AND daily in a private Facebook group.

All sessions will be held at 7:00 pm Pacific Time. Please use this world clock to find the correct time to join us live. If you cannot attend live, session recordings will be available on a password protected resource page.


$222, payment plans are available (3 payments of $77), but you need to email to set that up.

Register by Friday, March 27th and use the coupon code EARLYBIRD for a 10% discount!!!

You will also need to purchase The Artist's Way if you don't have it already. If AT ALL possible, please purchase from your local bookstore to show support for small businesses. If that is not possible, you may purchase it here.

Two scholarships are also available.

If you are feeling called to participate but finances are shaky due to financial unknowns with the virus, please email and she'll put your name in her Tibetan bowl for a scholarship to be drawn on March 29. You do NOT need to explain your circumstances or justify your submission. Please just apply if you feel called to do so. Or, if you'd like to sponsor someone, please email Amy with that offering as well and she will increase the number of scholarships available.


If you've ever tried to complete The Artist's Way (but haven't) or have wanted to do so as you explore some creative callings, let's do it together as we're all at home. 

The Creativity Circle is for creating, finding, and exploring your JOY with a supportive and fun group. The focus will be on playful progress, taking small steps that delight and open you up to your creativity and creative callings.

While the program is called The Artist's Way, the focus is NOT on artistry and creating perfection. This is about a journey of discovery and opening to your own creativity and creative process.

I honestly feel like with all of the fear and unknowns about what the next few months will bring, we can all use a little more fun, creativity, and play in our lives.

All it takes is the willingness to follow wherever your Creative Wild Heart leads you.



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