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10 Lessons on Having More Fun from 40 Days of Play

Focusing on playing and having more fun for the past 40 days has been eye-opening. I’ve had fun and also made some discoveries about how to play, who I am when I play, and that I’m a much happier person (who I like a lot more) when I play. #1 – Fun is there all…

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How to use Play & Joy to Stop People Pleasing

This is a BIG one for me and it’s a habit I have that has become SO incredibly obvious during this 40 Days of Play adventure. I am now officially in “people-pleasing” recovery. I thought I’d “recovered” a few years ago and was much further along on my recovery than I actually am. My 40…

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Playing Everyday, for 40 Days

Last year on my 48th birthday, I went for a run, came home, said F-it and published my first novel. It had been sitting in a drawer, ready to go, but I hadn’t published it for a myriad of lame reasons. This year, I had another bout of the F-its, but I got this bout…

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