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Dr. Brandolyn Thran | LO.VE.: Lift Others. Value Everyone | Non-Fiction Book Coaching Case Study
Dr. Brandolyn Thran is a brilliant woman with a PhD in molecular biology, but despite ...
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5 Strategies to Seamlessly Tie in Back Story
[originally published May 2015; updated Dec. 2021] This week, I was talking to some members ...
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What are the types of “voice” in writing?
Understanding the concept of "voice" in writing can be tough because voice itself can be ...
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Some Easy Strategies for Creating your Story's Setting
One of the loveliest elements of a great novel is to be carried away to ...
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Why should you develop your characters’ backstories?
[originally published in 2016; updated and revised, 2021] Have you ever read the last few ...
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4 Ways to Start Your Writing Sessions Strong
Starting a writing session is often the hardest part, the part that takes the most ...
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Start your Story Strong: 6 Strategies to Write a Great First Line
Starting a new story or novel is one of the most exciting parts of writing...and ...
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The Ultimate Guide to Overcoming Writer’s Block
Guest post by Nicholas Rubright: Writer's block is a common ailment among writers and creative ...
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The Art of Creating Villainy Villains (pt. 2 – Villain Series)
[originally published Dec. 2016; updated May 2021] In the first post in this villain series, I ...
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4 Ways your Villain Can Oppose your Main Character (pt. 3 – Villain Series)
[originally published Jan. 2017; updated May 2021] As discussed in the first post in this ...
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How to Write Chapter 1: Include the 4 C's and a Q
[originally published 11/2014; updated 5/2021] Starting a new project is often the most exciting stage. ...
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Villains (or Antagonists) Explained (pt. 1 – Villain Series)
[originally published Nov. 2016; updated May 2021] Every great story has a powerful and hateful ...
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Some Useful Plot Structure Definitions
When I first found my way back to writing after putting it aside for far ...
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Show don’t tell: adding descriptive details to strengthen your writing
If you're a writer you've probably heard the phrase "show don't tell" or add more ...
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Book Writing Strategies for Aspiring Authors that Actually Work
20 Writing Strategies Aspiring Authors can Use to Plan, Write, and Finish their First Books ...
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Give yourself TIME to develop ideas & avoid Writer’s Block
You've probably heard of "writer's block." It's a common "thing" in the writer's world.  In ...
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7 Strategies for Breaking Through Creative Blocks
[Originally posted April 2013; updated Jan. 2020] Before we dive into creative blocks, I first ...
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Lose “Said” & Try Action Tags in Dialogue
Dialogue is one of the most fun parts of a story to write. We can ...
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