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Writing Dialogue: How to Develop (and Hear) your Characters’ Voices
I've been hard at work on my latest novel and am enjoying getting the characters ...
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Write a Piece with the line…..
I'd like to invite you to warm-up your creative muscles with a challenge. Are you ...
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Warm up to Write: 4 Strategies + 20 Prompts
When I begin working on a new project, I am filled with excitement. Ideas come ...
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Writing Prompt – “believe them when they tell you”
Years ago, a dear friend shared some wisdom which is the inspiration for this prompt. ...
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Explode Moments with Details
One of the hardest parts of writing fiction is to figure out how much detail ...
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How to Create Your Own Writer’s Emotion Resource Guide
You've probably heard the advice to "write what you know," and if this whole idea ...
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My #1 Tip for Becoming a Better Writer + a Video!!
Have you ever had this experience:  you had a great idea for a story, so ...
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Using HONY to Create a Character
"HONY? What the heck is that?" You might be asking. HONY stands for Humans of ...
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The Beloved and Oft-Misused Semi-colon
I'm not sure why it is that teen writers love the semi-colon, but they do; ...
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Three Story Plotting Strategies
Last week my writing group had an interesting discussion. One of the members just sold her ...
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Should you use contractions in your writing?
During the summer, I always spend some time working on what I'm going to be ...
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5 Writing Prompts to Practice Descriptive Writing
Great descriptive writing combines all of the senses: sight, touch, taste, smell, and sound. It ...
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9 Strategies to Enhance Your Creativity and Break Through Blocks
School is all about rote memory, conformity, and following the rules. But when we’re immersed ...
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What is a Character Arc?
Is a character arc a giant boat for characters that Noah built? Or perhaps it’s ...
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How to Use Word Clouds to Guide Your Revision
We all tend to have our favorite "go to" words that we like to use, ...
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Ten Essential Creative Writing Tools
Writing a story, poem, or a novel is a major undertaking. It would be lovely ...
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6 Strategies to Find Great Ideas for Your Stories
Coming up with great "story worthy" ideas can be tough. In fact, it can stop ...
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Should you outline your stories?
If you don't consider yourself a planner, and you are writing a single scene short ...
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