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5 Writing Prompts to Kickstart your Creativity
It's been awhile since I shared some new writing prompts, so here goes. There are ...
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Writing Prompts Can Boost Your Creativity
Have you ever stared at a blank piece of paper or a blank screen? The ...
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Favorite Number/Favorite Novel Creative Writing Prompt
Imagine a GREAT story....starting with someone else's words. Copyright: aparagraph / 123RF Stock Photo I've ...
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Common Grammar Errors in Fiction: Switching Tenses
One of the most common grammar errors I see in stories that teens write is ...
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Character Basics: Character Archetypes
When you're creating a character, the most important step is to figure out what they ...
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Writing Prompt – A Bee Interruption
This summer I read The Almost Truth, a fabulous mystery by Eileen Cook. At one ...
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Character Basics – Six Places to Find Great Characters
Every story has a cast of characters. Some have huge casts like the Harry Potter ...
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Character Interaction Writing Prompt
This creative writing prompt involves people watching which is one of the best activities you ...
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Character Creation Writing Prompt
For this creative writing prompt, imagine that your birthday is coming, and it's a big ...
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What’s the Difference Between a Quick Write and a Writing Prompt?
Writing prompt...story prompt...quick write...free write...writing exercises...journal...brainstorm...All these writing terms and strategies can make a person ...
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PRACTICE vs. practice – What’s the Most Effective Way to Improve Your Writing?
What's with the "all caps" vs. no caps in this post's title? Well, there are ...
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Break a Social Norm Prompt
Not only do I teach Creative Writing, but I also teach AP Psychology. One of ...
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Eight Strategies to Get Over the Fear of Sharing your Writing
Your heart races, your hands shake, you want to run, scream, hide! Glancing behind you, ...
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Hate poetry? Try these
As little kids, we almost universally like poetry. Think about it. What were some of ...
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Setting Prompts
For quick writes, write for ten minutes without stopping. Prompt #1 Write  a scene that ...
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Sentence Structure Matters
Next to your individual word choice, your sentence structure is the basic building block of ...
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Work on Your Writing Strengths
As a writing teacher, I've spent a lot of time helping students improve. Because of ...
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Character Creation Prompt
Have you ever known someone that you felt got either more or less physically attractive ...
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