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Who Should Tell Your Story? Three Questions to Figure it Out
This past week, I've had several conversations with teen writers about their current stories in ...
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Miracle Creativity Prompt
Write a scene or a story which starts with the line: "A miracle happened last ...
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The Power of Imitation
Imitation is a great strategy to begin playing with different styles, syntax, sentence length and ...
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Single Syllable Story Prompt
One reason poets often write such beautiful prose is because they spend so much time ...
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6 Comma Rules You Need to Know
It's finals week here which means that I've been reading essay after essay, marking comma ...
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Noun Writing Prompts
I'll give you a person, place, or thing, and you write the story or create ...
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Glitter Creativity Prompt
Glitter is one of those things that is fun, but it gets EVERYWHERE! Here's your ...
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How should you set yearly writing goals?
Can you hit your writing goals?[/caption] This is that time of year when everyone talks ...
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Beginnings Quick Write Prompt
It's the beginning of a new year, so in the spirit of the new year, ...
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Ritual Writing Prompt
Everyday we are surrounded by rituals. There are some big rituals such as funerals that ...
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Arena Quick Write Weekly Prompt
Quickwrites are a great warm-up strategy to get you going for a longer writing session. ...
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Spelling Matters
Why does spelling matter? If you spell correctly, readers take you seriously. If you don't ...
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POV part 6 – When Should you use 3rd Person Omniscient POV?
The omniscient narrator or POV is often referred to as a "God-like" narrator, one that ...
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POV Part 5 – What about Writing in 2nd Person?
Happy Thanksgiving! I am so thankful for each of you who stop by, visit, and ...
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Wordplay Writing Prompt
Write for ten minutes without stopping, by hand or on your computer, just keep writing. ...
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POV Part 4 – 4 Questions Before Choosing 3rd Person Limited
Third-person point of view (POV) is the most common POV used in contemporary fiction. Writers ...
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Try Writing from an Animal’s POV
Some of my favorite books and stories are written from an animal's point of view. ...
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POV Part 3 – 6 Must Ask Questions Before Choosing 1st Person POV
When writing in first-person point of view, you use the pronouns "I" and "we." First-person ...
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