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Literary Black Holes – Part 1
This past year, I was blessed with a student who has an IQ many, many ...
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What’s in a blog (or should be)?
I am a sucker for books on writing, so yesterday I lived up to my ...
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Read . . . Reflect . . .Write
I am an avid reader.  Literary, historical fiction and fantasy are the books most often ...
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Name Block
When I had my children, the first one had a name way before he got ...
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What does one do with a short story?
I wrote a story.  What now? I am clearly new at this game and writing ...
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Story world? What happened to plain old setting?
In this whole novel writing process, I’ve learned a whole new term – story world.  ...
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OMG! I’m writing a novel . . .
For the last six years or so of my life, I’ve known that I wanted ...
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