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Podcasts that make me think
Follow my blog with Bloglovin I've always been a podcast listener. I love the ease with which I ...
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Do your art like you do holidays
First things first...if you're in the US, Happy Thanksgiving! I hope your turkey is perfectly done, your gravy ...
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What is gratitude?
November is the month of gratitude in the US. We are to live this month with "an attitude ...
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Giving Yourself Permission is Bull#@&!
Unfortunately in our world, full-grown adults still require permission to en-JOY life or to play and create. We ...
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Creating Space to Create
Last weekend, I BLEW it.  I had the opportunity to travel to Taos, New Mexico for a retreat ...
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How to Deal with Fear When You Let it Lead
A few weeks ago, I wrote about letting joy lead after reading the memoir Fierce Joy. This whole ...
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The Power of a Smile
Here's a "funny" for you..."What did the 0 say to the 8?" Read this post and the answer ...
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Are you letting JOY lead?
July has been a month full of adventures, growth, and self-discovery. The first weekend found me swimming a ...
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Leaving (and returning to) my Comfort Zone
Last fall I took a super scary BIG deal step for me and made the investment to work ...
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Facing Fear Head On & Blasting Through
This happy 4th of July, when we left for a visit to see our son and some dear ...
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#truth – You will never complete your to-do list
This whole idea about NEVER totally finishing my to-do list was an epiphany I had this past week. ...
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Create Your “Ta-Da” list
Let me start this post by saying that a TA DA list is NOT a to-do list. This ...
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Are you brave enough to be a beginner?
Starting something new can be terrifying, especially for those of us with, um, some perfectionist tendencies. It's scary ...
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Banish the Guilt of “Guilty Pleasures”
I was listening to one of my fav podcasts this week and the host talked about joyfully indulging ...
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22 Ideas for going on a Date…with Yourself
Have you ever taken yourself on a date, to enjoy your own company, unwind, and do something JUST ...
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How do you like to have fun?
Do you even know what you like to do for fun anymore? This has been an interesting question/thought ...
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10 Lessons on Having More Fun from 40 Days of Play
Focusing on playing and having more fun for the past 40 days has been eye-opening. I've had fun ...
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How to use Play & Joy to Stop People Pleasing
This is a BIG one for me and it's a habit I have that has become SO incredibly ...
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