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What the hell is a table runner for anyway?
[post updated May 22, 2020 from original publish date of Aug. 29, 2011] Every quilter has made a ...
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Your idea is calling…pick up (or sit down)
This week in a creative circle session, one of the topics we were discussing was perfectionism, an issue ...
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Writing for Clarity
I've spent much of my career teaching writing, whether it was in a formal classroom setting or working ...
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The Creative Gap
Here's an encouraging video with Ira Glass' wisdom to keep going on your creative work. I've recently begun ...
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When unexpected words fly out of your mouth…
Let's start this post with an easy question since your brain may be quaran-tired. Here goes: Have you ...
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Questions leading to more questions and ultimately, wisdom
There is not only an epidemic/pandemic of virus out there. There's an epidemic of everyone asking questions, mostly ...
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The silence is NOT so golden (and a few other things I’m learning)
This quarantine has filled life with a level of solitude that has felt at times terrifying and lonely ...
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I got together with some of my biz besties yesterday. We were talking about self-care, and one of ...
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Podcasts that make me think
Follow my blog with Bloglovin I've always been a podcast listener. I love the ease with which I ...
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Do your art like you do holidays
First things first...if you're in the US, Happy Thanksgiving! I hope your turkey is perfectly done, your gravy ...
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What is gratitude?
November is the month of gratitude in the US. We are to live this month with "an attitude ...
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Giving Yourself Permission is Bull#@&!
Unfortunately in our world, full-grown adults still require permission to en-JOY life or to play and create. We ...
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Creating Space to Create
Last weekend, I BLEW it.  I had the opportunity to travel to Taos, New Mexico for a retreat ...
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How to Deal with Fear When You Let it Lead
A few weeks ago, I wrote about letting joy lead after reading the memoir Fierce Joy. This whole ...
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The Power of a Smile
Here's a "funny" for you..."What did the 0 say to the 8?" Read this post and the answer ...
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Are you letting JOY lead?
July has been a month full of adventures, growth, and self-discovery. The first weekend found me swimming a ...
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Leaving (and returning to) my Comfort Zone
Last fall I took a super scary BIG deal step for me and made the investment to work ...
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The Power of Doing Nothing to Feed Your Soul (and creativity)
This spring, I started on my newest novel…and have made very little progress. My goal was to WRITE, ...
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