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Our Impending Empty Nest
During a wood cutting expedition a few years ago, my husband cut down a dead tree and found ...
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5 Prompts to Kickstart your Creativity
It's been awhile since I shared some new creativity prompts, so here goes. There are a variety, so ...
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My Lone Quilt of 2014
Ten or fifteen years ago a quilt magazine ran an article featuring a prolific and talented quilter. I ...
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Lessons in Free Verse (and learning spontaneously)
Apparently I suck at teaching poetry. Though I failed this year, thankfully the student who shared my shortcomings ...
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The Meandering Path of my Writing Life
My life as a writer started with this little blog, and over the past four years, it's taken ...
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Who do you need to be a better writer?
We all have tools to help us write: a computer, writing books, and a journal. But these aren't ...
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Becoming Creative
They say that every story has been told. As writers, then, we must somehow figure out how to ...
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Why do you write?
Last week I was talking to a friend who works with all kinds of writers. She started listing ...
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The Anatomy of a 2013 YA Bestseller
Have you ever dreamed of writing a novel that everyone has read or seeing your name appear on the ...
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My Summer Quilt
Yes, I know its almost Halloween, a little belated to be posting my "summer" quilt, but I did ...
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Hitting the Writing Wall and Blasting Through
How many new pieces do you start in a year? Can you even answer that question? Or is ...
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What makes you keep reading?
On July 9, Goodreads posted an infographic cataloging reader responses to a survey. It's a fascinating look at ...
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Have you ever had an Epic Failure of a story? Good Job!!
You might be thinking, really? good job? If I wrote a horrible story, why is that good? It's ...
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I’ll Keep my Laptop, Thank You
Yesterday, a friend tweeted this article on The Guardian, "Unthinkable? Bring Back Typewriters." While the author makes some ...
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Writing IS fun!
Last week, the students in my after school Creative Writing Club came in and filled my classroom with ...
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Where does Creativity come from?
This is an interesting question, one that I have been pondering for several months because it seems I ...
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Blog Break
Ah . . . summer vacation, a time of lazy days sipping lemonade in a hammock with a ...
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