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Draft #1 – Done!!
A few weeks ago, Nathon Bransford, a writer and blogger I follow, wrote a post asking the question "How ...
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What is it about Pomp and Circumstance?
Graduation at my school happened last Friday evening.  I sat next to a cooler on the track, sweat ...
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Home Sweet Home
A close-up of the center applique panel. I love how it looks with the scrappy blocks. Between hockey ...
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Folk Art Applique
One benefit of living in rural America is that when my kids have sporting events, we don't just ...
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What I look at when I run . . .
The ground. That is the depressing finish to this sentence. I went on a long (for me) run ...
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On Expectations
As they say, anticipation is half the fun. We get to imagine perfect outcomes for any experience we may ...
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Are you a Super Hero?
I participated in my final regular season Forensics/Speech and Debate tournament as head coach this weekend, and last ...
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My Next "Epic Adventure"
Whenever I take my Forensics/Speech & Debate team on a trip, the kids somehow manage to go on ...
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I’m still a WIP
My life is permanently "in progress" as I have some big goals that I've reached and that I'm ...
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Forgetting Fear
I forgot my fear and went right on out there - a much happier feeling than sitting and ...
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Writing in a Coffee Shop
pic from microsoft word clip art One of my goals for this spring break was to take my ...
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Seven Questions You Should Never Ask a Quilter
If you have a friend or loved one who quilts, and you would one day like to be ...
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If I can write, I can write . . . right?
This past weekend, I had a two by four hit me in the head again, as life hammered ...
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Giving is Way More Fun than Receiving
Happy Ocean Sunshine Quilt This week I finished another "UFO" or unfinished quilt.  This is one my friend Teresa and ...
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Shakespeare and Freshmen – Good Times
Think back to your freshman year in high school.  You lived through moments that defined your life . ...
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Every Story HAS NOT Been Told
The idea that every story has already been told is a potentially depressing one for a writer embarking ...
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Five Reasons why State Proficiency Exams Suck
Reason #1 - The terrified looks on the seniors’ faces as they walk into the room to try ...
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Fear of Finishing
Last week I pulled out a bunch of fabric to start a new quilt.  It’s not that I ...
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