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Starting in the Middle
I’ve been surprised over the past few weeks how this project is coming together, kind of piecemeal, not ...
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Target Audience for a Book on Writing: Me
When I started this whole writing journey, I knew there were books on how to write.  I’m a ...
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Just . . . Keep . . . Writing
I’ve read lots of books on writing over the years, but I’ve always read them from a teacher’s ...
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“Any road will get you there.”
Earlier this week while my students were working on their final projects, I asked a senior what she ...
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Read . . . Reflect . . .Write
I am an avid reader.  Literary, historical fiction and fantasy are the books most often found stacked on ...
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My Weekend Epiphany (or “Oh . . . duh!”)
During the past two weeks, I have made no progress whatsoever on my novel, so yesterday I decided ...
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Writing in my Sacred Writing Space
“I am a writer.  Today I write.”  That has become my mantra. And since I have said that ...
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Blogs, novels and . . . piles of fabric?
I am compelled to create.  I finished a large scrappy quilt project last night, finally putting the last ...
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Keep goals a secret or post them for the world to see?
I’ve always ascribed to the “kind of keep them a secret” position.  It’s comfy and safe there.  If ...
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Doing it all – just not all at the same time
I am busy, busy, busy – too damn busy to write apparently.  I’ve been on vacation this week ...
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April Fool Story Freak
Happy April fool’s day everyone.  Yesterday I ran into a friend at Wal-mart who said that she was ...
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A Visit from my Muse
I started reading a book called The Name of the Rose by Umberto Eco.  It was published in ...
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Where do stories come from?
This is an interesting question, one that I have been pondering for several months.  Now, at 3:00 a.m., ...
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OMG! I’m writing a novel . . .
For the last six years or so of my life, I’ve known that I wanted to do something ...
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