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Play and Fun

Create Your “Ta-Da” list

Let me start this post by saying that a TA DA list is NOT a to-do list. This exercise is not about adding anything else to your already full plate. It’s all about celebrating and shifting your mindset from doing to being and feeling, which is key when you’re trying to get out of overwhelm…

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Banish the Guilt of “Guilty Pleasures”

I was listening to one of my fav podcasts this week and the host talked about joyfully indulging in a “guilty pleasure” which totally got me thinking…and feeling.  Why? Because…Guilt feels AWFUL. Physically, I get a tight squeezy feeling in my chest, maybe some nausea, and my throat might tighten up.  Emotionally, I run through…

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22 Ideas for going on a Date…with Yourself

Have you ever taken yourself on a date, to enjoy your own company, unwind, and do something JUST for you? Not so you can become more “dateable,” or find love or check the “self-care item” off your to-do list. The reason to go on a date with yourself is to have FUN. Have you ever…

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How do you like to have fun?

Do you even know what you like to do for fun anymore? This has been an interesting question/thought that I’ve been playing with and journaling about because I have had the horrifying realization that… a) I wasn’t sure I knew what I liked to do for fun which made me feel like the stodgiest dullest…

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10 Lessons on Having More Fun from 40 Days of Play

Focusing on playing and having more fun for the past 40 days has been eye-opening. I’ve had fun and also made some discoveries about how to play, who I am when I play, and that I’m a much happier person (who I like a lot more) when I play. #1 – Fun is there all…

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