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START THE QUIZ: WHAT'S YOUR PLAY PERSONA? Begin (re)connecting with your creative self!


Episode #6 – Sharing Your Creative Secret

The call to create is a deep one, and it can be so scary to share, especially when we haven’t shared it with anyone and maybe have only started acknowledging it to ourselves. One of the first steps to moving forward with that dream is honoring it by owning and claiming it. Do you have…

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Episode #5 – Sleep Tips for Creatives

Getting enough sleep is key to not only making sure you’ve got the energy to create but also to guarantee that you’ve also got the brainpower. Without good sleep…you won’t. In this episode, get tips on falling AND staying asleep to fire up your creative powers. This week my friend Brittney Stefanic joined me to…

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Episode #4 – Got an Idea? Get Started.

When you have an idea, a project, a creative “thing” that you want to do, does your mind pipe up with all kinds of reasons that doing that “thing” is just NOT a good idea?  When you have an idea, a project, a creative “thing” that you want to do, does your mind pipe up…

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Episode #3 – Entering the Art Hole

Yes, I did name this episode Entering the Art Hole…because it was a highlight of my conversation with graphic artist and illustrator, Ashley Bradley. After having her second child, and then a third shortly thereafter, Ashley Bradley learned that while she loves her kids (and they will get fed), she must feed herself with a…

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Episode #2 – Creative Play Dates

How do you start to feed your creative soul when you haven’t acted on that creative calling you’ve got or you don’t know where to start? This happens when you’re in that vicious cycle of guilt because we don’t feel we’re “caught up enough” to be entitled to “enjoy.” How do we begin to do…

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Episode #1 – Dear Creativity Let’s Play Podcast is LIVE

Welcome to the very first episode of the Dear Creativity…Let’s Play Podcast!  If you are ready to reconnect with your creativity and play, you’re in the right spot. This podcast is for you if you want to spend time playing with what lights you up through reconnecting with your creativity but aren’t sure where to…

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