5 Prompts to Kickstart your Creativity

It’s been awhile since I shared some new creativity prompts, so here goes. There are a variety, so choose one you like, or try all of them.

I wrote these with writing in mind, but you could paint or collage using these as a prompt as well. Have fun and play!

Get out your writer’s notebook, and write by hand for at least ten minutes.

Believe it or not, research shows that writing by hand accesses areas of your brain such as imagery and memory not accessed by typing, and since great writing is all about description and scenes, writing by hand really can help.

Grab your pen and get started!

Prompt #1 – Story Starter

You wake up and roll over in bed to find your pet laying next to you, staring at you with a chagrined look on its face. It then opens its mouth and says, “Did you really have to do that?”

Prompt #2 – Story Starter Noun Prompt

I give you three nouns: a person, a place, and a thing. You write a story or scene that incorporates all of them.

Person: an old man

Place: a garden

Thing: a steering wheel

Prompt #3 – Value Statements

Choose one of the statements below. Write the story as to how your character came to believe that OR write a non-fiction piece describing why you do or don’t believe it.

  1. Time is money.
  2. You can’t rely on anyone else, only yourself.
  3. Blood is thicker than water.
  4. Art can save me/the world.
  5. Karma exists – what goes around comes around.
  6. Ghosts exist.
  7. Love conquers all.
  8. Sticks and stones can break my bones, but words can never hurt me.

Prompt #4 – Photo Prompt

Write a short story based on the photo below. What details in the picture can you use?

Prompt #5 – Video Prompt

Watch the following video. In it, a stuck elephant gets rescued by a construction crew. You can use this a a prompt in several ways:

  1. Fill in the blanks:  The ______________ was stuck in a ____________________, when a ________________ tried to rescue it/him/her. You can make your rescue successful or not, your choice.
  2. Find the hidden character in this story and tell their story.
    • Who found the elephant? What did he do?
    • How did the elephant fall in the hole in the first place?
    • How did the construction crew go about getting the equipment?
    • Who’s driving the piece of machinery and what’s he think about the whole thing?
  3. Follow up on this story – what happens to the elephant after he walks away?

Which prompt do you like best to prompt your creativity? Share in the comments below.

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