Fixing my Blog

Over this summer, I realized that I miss my blog and writing the, “Huh, here’s what I’m thinking or observing about life” pieces that I used to write regularly.

My blog is where I found my voice. It started on a free wordpress(dot)com site ten years ago, and I still well remember the terror I felt when I shared my first post declaring that “I am a writer.” I’ve since gotten past those fears, but I’ve also gotten away from writing on life and quilting and parenting and whatever random thing I feel like exploring in words.

As I’ve focused on building my business and shifting from teaching writing in the classroom to working with adult clients 1:1 or in small groups, I’ve also focused on writing about writing and creating resources for my students and clients.

While I enjoy writing a good “how-to” post, I’ve moved further and further away from playing with my own voice and sharing personal thoughts.

In terms of my blog, hands down the most popular posts are the ones on descriptive writing and the writing prompts I’ve shared that I found work well with my students.

What’s interesting about my blog is that when I look at the stats, some of the random posts like the dwarf fig tree that made my whole house smell like cat pee or my post wondering why quilters are obsessed with table runners actually rank on Google and drive significant traffic to my website.

And yes, this cracks me up.

I have hundreds of blog posts on writing and creative writing that I’ve written through the years as I’ve taught classes, worked with clients, or focused on these elements myself as a writer.

But table runners and cat pee consistently rank high in the “here’s my life” kinda posts.

Why do I blog?

Now to be clear, I didn’t write those posts in order to “rank on Google” and drive traffic. I wrote them because that’s what I was thinking about and experiencing. As a writer, exploring on the page is important to me. And, apparently, other people wonder about fig trees, cat pee, and table runners!

I figure out what I think when I write on it. I find my own voice and play with words when I write these random blog posts. It’s such a different type of writing than what I do in my journal pages in the morning, when I’m writing a chapter or a scene for my current novel-in-progress, or even when I’m putting together a post for the writers in my audience.

Even writing this post right now, I feel a sense of joy and ease, like settling into a comfy old pair of jeans and that soft t-shirt that you’ve had for years. It feels good.

So what did I do to “fix” my blog?

I divided it into two blogs! Well, actually there are three. All of my posts about writing are now on the Writing Resources blog page. All of my show notes for the podcast are posts on the Podcast page.

And I created a home for posts like this, a dedicated space for me to write my random writerly thoughts, on the Blog. I taught a class on blogging last winter for the Story Circle Network, and all of the women in the class wanted to blog in order to find their voice and share their writing. Me too.

All the posts are still technically posts on the same blog, but they have different homes. And somehow, I feel like I just gave myself a dedicated space again to play with words and write.

This didn’t change the structure of my blog or mess with anything technical. I just reorganized how they appear on my website, and with that little tweak, ideas already are already beginning to percolate.

The Lesson

As a content creator who writes and podcasts to teach and support my business, I made the mistake of letting that focus drive my content creation. Social media posts, blog posts, and podcasts have all been very much about writing and supporting writers. While I love doing that, I also love writing for me.

I forgot the joy of just writing and posting it on my blog, that as a writer and author, writing for the sake of writing is valuable and more than that, fun!

It feels good to give myself a dedicated online space to do that, a space where likes, follows, downloads, or engagement don’t matter to me, at all.

This space is all about the words and writing, purely for the fun of it.

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