Oh, how I love the 21st century

First, an update.

In my last blog post, I committed to writing everyday for 40 days. Why I decided to make this commitment in the middle of designing and developing the biggest website of my web design career AND just before the Christmas got into full swing is totally beyond me.

But I did it and completely forgot about my commitment until just this moment, almost two months later when I visited my blog again.

I did NOT write for forty days straight, though I might recommit to that on February 1.

The timing is MUCH better as is my mindset because the end of December and beginning of January were a little rough at the Isaman household as not one but TWO necessary appliances died.

This made me realized that I really truly love the times we live in, and this is despite the circus in Washington or even global warming. I LOVE living now because we, in this day and age in America, have running water and kitchen appliances that turn on with the flick of a switch.

In December of 2018, our hot water heater died. And it went out in a dramatic fashion. The hot water heater closet was coated in soot with black burn streaks up the side of the heater.

How our house didn’t burn down is beyond me, but it didn’t. Thank God.

Unfortunately, when your appliances go out just before Christmas, getting them repaired and replaced takes a few days. I think we were four or five days without any hot water from the tap.

All our hot water was either heated on the stove in the kitchen (until it died) or the wood stove. I felt like Sarah in The Overlander’s Daughter. My awesome husband actually heated pots of water for me and filled the tub so I could bathe.

Then, just after Christmas, we got a new stove because our 20+-year-old one had died. Unfortunately, we thought we could install it ourselves which we did until my husband realized that it was wired for gas, not propane and the switch had to be made by a licensed professional to make sure our home owners insurance would still work in case of a fire. Four days later, the stove guy came and fixed that.

Thank God for our wood stove and our camping stove because those came in super handy, though it’s not easy cooking. When was the last time you made dinner on a wood stove? Never?

Let me tell you, it’s hot. Standing in front of flames to cook is toasty. And, it’s surprisingly easy to burn things when they’re being cooked over a hot fire which means you have to watch closely and stir, which puts you right next to the super hot wood stove again.

Honestly, I can’t tell you how grateful I am for the small little flame on our new stove that is easily controlled with a convenient dial.

Losing our appliances made me think about how much we take things for granted. Or at least I do.

It’s like a personal insult to turn on the hot water at the tap and have it stay cold.

Or turn on the oven and…nothing.

So, I’m grateful.

Grateful that we have hot water, that we have heat in the winter and ice in the summer. That I can connect with friends, family, and clients all over the world at any time through social media and technology. That life is good.

I wish you a happy and gratitude filled 2019.

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