Do your art like you do holidays

First things first…if you’re in the US, Happy Thanksgiving! I hope your turkey is perfectly done, your gravy is lump-less, and you leave enough room for some pie.

Second…let’s talk about the work that goes into preparing a holiday feast, shall we?

This actually isn’t that difficult of a meal to cook, there are just a LOT of different elements which makes for a LOT of dishes and an ongoing disaster in the kitchen. 

At least at my house.

But here’s the deal. As Thanksgiving (or any holiday that we celebrate) gets closer, we go through the same steps: we decide on the menu, make the shopping list, gather the supplies, and cook the meal. 

Or, we go out. Or, we intentionally ignore it altogether.

In any case, we do what we’re going to do.

We don’t get all up in our heads about how our meal might suck which would make us total losers

We don’t think that it’s a heck of a lot of money and time when we could be out there actually making money instead of buying a monstrous turkey that might turn out dry.

We don’t decide that laundry or house cleaning is more important and focus our day off on that instead. 

We do Thanksgiving (or whatever holiday or birthday is on the calendar) and rarely do we talk ourselves out of it because of doubts and fears. (Unless of course, you just don’t do holidays, which is fine too.)

Even if we don’t like turkey or holidays or our weird cousin who’s at every holiday…we do it anyway.

But when it comes to our creative work, the thing that lights us up from the inside, we get all up in our heads and struggle to do the thing – even when it’s what we love to do.

So, here’s my invitation to you.

When you’re done with the turkey, and the dishes, and the pie. 

When you’ve done what you should and you’re ready to spend a few moments starting the thing you love to do but have stopped yourself, listen to this week’s episode of the Dear Creativity Podcast. 

It’ll help you get started.

After I clean up, my sewing machine is coming out and fabric play will commence. What will you do? Share in the comments, one small creative step you’re going to take this weekend.

To your creativity,


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