Plan Your Book Week

October 11-14, 2021

Got an idea for a book? Or have you had one for a while?

It's time to stop "not knowing where to start" and create a plan to write your book!

I'm Amy Isaman, an author and book coach. During Plan Your Book Week, I'll be going LIVE every day for four days, teaching you the basics of what you need to have in place to get going on your book. We'll also have a co-writing session!

I'll also be playing in there with you, answering questions in the comments.

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To participate, you'll need to follow the link above and create an account in the Let's Write the (damn) Book Club. This is free and easy to do. All sessions will be there.

What is Plan Your Book Week?

It's a four-day event that will help you drill down on the basics you need in place so you can finally start writing your book.


During Plan Your Book Week, you'll be part of a group of writers, all of whom are working to get their book's foundations in place.

By the end of the week you'll:

  • Be clear on what kind of book you’re writing 
    • Monday is all about genre and ideas.
  • Clarify your book’s point/theme
    • This is the focus of Tuesday's lesson.
  • Have the beginnings of an outline
    • Oh my, so many ways to structure your book, but there's one key piece that's the foundation of all of them - we'll drill this down on Wednesday!
  • Create a regular writing practice! Yes, you can do this even as someone who's already got a lot on their plate.
    • Thursday is all about creating a regular writing practice.

By the end of the week, you should be ready to begin drafting your book (or breakthrough and continue if you've stopped).

Your book idea came to YOU for a reason! What could the world look like…

  • If our books impacted one or thousands of readers’ lives in a positive way?
  • If we stepped into our fear and overwhelm and began to write our stories, finally getting the damn things out of us AND leading the way for others?
  • If we committed to creating time and space in our lives to write and do the things that really light us up?

The world would be a better, happier, more creative place!

Are you ready to break through overwhelm, find your starting place, and write your book?

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This challenge will run over at Let's Write the (damn) Book Club which is hosted on a platform called Circle. Click the Join button to set up your account. It's totally free.

All of the live sessions and discussions will be happening there.

I don't use Facebook for my writing groups because the goal is to write and Facebook is ground zero for distractions from writing!

Signing up for this challenge will also add you to my weekly newsletter list. I'll be sending you all the details for the challenge as we get closer!

Some FAQ's

Q: Will I get access to the class replays?

A: Yep, you will will have access for the week of the event, until Oct. 15. After Plan Your Book Week is over, the replays will be moved into the paid level of the Let's Write Club which you can join at any time.

Q: What if I don't have an idea for a book?

A: You'll get more out of it if you have some sort of idea that you can work on throught the week, BUT if you don't have a concrete idea, the sessions will help you understand what you'll need to figure out for your book before you start writing.

Q: When and where will the sessions be held?

A: They'll be held in the Let's Write Club which is my membership site. It's hosted on a platform called Circle and has forums and spaces for sessions. Once you join the challenge, you'll have access to the live classes and replays until Oct. 15.

Q: When will the sessions be held?

A: All the live sessions will be held at noon, Pacific time | 3:00 pm Eastern.


Here’s one final note as to why you should join this event (sans a single bullet point).


In the hero’s journey, when the hero gets “the call to adventure,” at the very beginning, s/he has the option of moving forward or not. If s/he does move forward, s/he can complete the cycle and return transformed, as a hero(ine).

If s/he doesn’t answer the call, s/he stays in stasis, watching others do what s/he dreams of doing (like reading books she wishes she’d written). Ever done that? Yep, me too!

I spent 20 years of my life denying the call to write because I didn’t think I was “good enough,” (despite having a B.A. in English and an M.A. in Literature). I am good enough.

So are you. Many of us refuse the call to write because we’re afraid. It’s a painful and frustrating denial of self, in many ways.

Don’t do that. Start writing. Join us and commit to it.

The world needs to read your words and story.



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