Leaving (and returning to) my Comfort Zone

Last fall I took a super scary BIG deal step for me and made the investment to work with a mindset and business coach. This was a huge initial step out of my comfort zone. Part of my coach’s program included three retreats, one of which was international. I would obviously NOT be going on the international retreat because…me?!? Traveling alone? Internationally without Gary or a friend to navigate customs with me?!?

Oh, hell no. 

The thought was WAYYY too scary…until it wasn’t.

During my springtime 40 days of play adventure, I finally found the courage and said “Yes” to this adventure with my coach and a group of incredible women, all in a beautiful place far, far from home (and my cozy little comfort zone). 

Last week, I found myself traveling to Belize a day early so I could explore with one of the other women who was attending. I got off the airplane, navigated customs, grabbed a taxi, and made it to Belize city all by myself. It was scary…and oh so fun and empowering. 

Now, a week later, I’m sitting in the airport waiting to head back to the US after days of amazing-ness, play, adventures, personal growth, and massive mindset shifts in the Belize jungle.

floating a jungle river after leaving my comfort zone

This pic is evidence of me, stepping out of my comfort zone and playing. We floated a jungle river in an inner-tube (no class V rapids on this river – thank God). 

It seems this month has been one push out of my comfort zone after another. And actually, my entire LIFE since I left the classroom two years ago, has been one step after another OUT of my comfort zone. 

The classroom was a space that was super comfortable for me. Entrepreneurship was totally uncomfortable and new, but I was ready for the challenge, ready to embrace the freedom my own business would give me. When I left SCHS on that final day, I swore my teaching career was over!

And the universe laughed, a big belly laugh.

It took a bit, but after 25 months of not teaching, I finally admitted that I’m a teacher at heart. And (insert drumroll because what’s coming is THAT exciting), I’m happy to announce I’m re-launching my teaching career. 

No, I won’t be teaching the brain or social psychology to high school seniors or slogging through Shakespeare with 9th graders. This time, my curriculum is on my terms – NO essay writing or grading, and potty breaks when my students and I need them, NOT just when the bell rings.

My new curriculum is all about PLAY in spite of the overwhelm of your to-do list (and life) and the guilt that comes up when you finally do stop to en-JOY your life. It’s about identifying YOUR soul’s play (not your child’s or your partner’s) and breaking through the blocks that keep you from your joy. It’s about igniting your creative spark.

Why? Because we have one life, and we might as well make this life one that’s full of joy. You DO have time for it, and finding that time is SO worth it.

And that is what’s comingggggg…a live workshop (with an online version in the works).

This workshop is for you if you’re:

  • Overwhelmed by life, your business, and #allthethings you must do in this busy world we inhabit
  • Feeling depleted, tired, and sick of scrolling your social media feeds for your “fun”
  • Aren’t sure what you even like to do for fun anymore
  • Are ready to play and have some fun with other like-minded women and break through some of those blocks that keep you from playing

If you are ready to ignite your creativity and joy and connect with your happy every day, I’m excited to invite you to join me to Play Your Way out of Overwhelm and Ignite Your Creativity, Joy, and Inspiration.

When: Thursday, Aug. 8, 2019 at 6:00-8:00 pm

Where: Balanced Body Works, 462 10th street, Elko, Nevada

What: a 2-hour experiential workshop where we’ll play, explore, and begin to define your soul’s play and how you can incorporate that into your life every day. Learn to experience the creativity, joy, inspiration and even increased productivity that play provides. 

And, we’ll even do a brief dive into your brain on play and WHY it’s so important for your creativity and joy.

Cost: $25, pre-registration is required because SPACE IS LIMITED. This workshop will fill, so grab your spot now!

If you’re local to the Elko area, I’d love for you to join me. 

Click here to register.

And remember to play a little every day. You deserve it.


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