This is me...playing.


Are you ready to have some fun?

This isn't about ditching the to-do list...well..maybe a little.

This is an experiment/personal challenge that I'm doing to kick off my 49th year. It's not about adding another self-care thing to the to-do list because somebody, somewhere said you should do X, Y, & Z  in order to be happy.

Deep down, we KNOW what makes us happy and brings us joy...or at least we used to.

And I'm getting back to that!

My husband often asks me, "Are you mad?" Because I'm scowling and overwhelmed and my face reflects what my heart doesn't want to admit.

I usually answer with, "No, why?" But, here's the truth. "I'm angry at myself because...I'm just not having any fun in my day to day life. And I'm the one who's created my life."

This little experiment with play is about adding FUN and JOY back into my life EVERY. SINGLE. DAY and doing it with intention.


I decided to create this experiment for myself in the bathtub...the night before my birthday, and I'm inviting you to join me.


Starting now.

Because...why wait?

Here's my challenge...I'm going to be documenting my PLAY every day, whether that's with a blog post, a Facebook post or live, or an Instagram post or story from April 9-May 18,2019.

I'll be using the hashtag #40DaysofPlay

I'd love for you to join me on this playful experiment and share your progress and aha's.

To living with joyful intent!