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START THE QUIZ: WHAT'S YOUR PLAY PERSONA? Begin (re)connecting with your creative self!

Episode #1 – Dear Creativity Let’s Play Podcast is LIVE

Welcome to the very first episode of the Dear Creativity…Let’s Play Podcast! 

If you are ready to reconnect with your creativity and play, you’re in the right spot. This podcast is for you if you want to spend time playing with what lights you up through reconnecting with your creativity but aren’t sure where to start or need support in continuing down the creative path.

I believe that everyone is innately creative, and life can be so much more fun and joyful when we heed that call to connect with our creativity and actually begin creating our thing.

 I’ll be here to help you reconnect with and reignite your creativity so you can confidently, consistently, and most of all joyfully create whatever that thing is that’s calling to you whether that’s through sharing my own creative journey, lessons, and thoughts or whether it’s through interviewing guest experts and creatives. Each week, we’ll be talking about creating.

In this episode I’m sharing:

  • A bit about me and my own creative journey as a writer and quilter
  • Some key lessons learned as I ventured into creative entrepreneurship
  • How I reconnected to my own creativity and play which got me back on track as a writer and creator AND living in a much more heart-centered creative space
  • What I believe about creativity and creating

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