#10 – How to get the book written with author Abby Beauchamp

In this interview, Abby Beauchamp and I discuss how she managed to write and publish a book in three months, while she was running her business full-time as a single-parent. It IS possible. She shares some great mindset shifts, concrete organizational tips, and ideas to get into the creative flow and connect with your intuition as you write.

If you know me, you might know that on the Enneagram, I’m a 7 and when I get an idea, I tend to run with it. I have no idea what my guest Abby Beauchamp is on the Enneagram, but I love that when she got her call to write the book, she did it. It took her a bit to drill down her topic, but once she did that, she was off and not only writing but also publishing. And now, she’s on her second non-fiction work.

While she shared quite a few gems in our interview, one of my favorites was when she said, “Own that you know something to share with the world.” 

Own it.

Even if you think you’re not a writer, you ARE an expert in something, and if you feel that calling to write about it, do it.

In this episode, we also discussed:

  • the mindset shift it took for Abby to own her desire to write and actually do it while she was a busy business owner and single-mom
  • her scheduling tip that allowed her to get it done
  • how listening and being open to the messages she was receiving was key to her creative process
  • three specific techniques for centering yourself to get in touch with your creative intuitive self before a writing session

If you’re ready to get your book going, listen in. Then, head on over to amyisaman.com/publish and register for the “How to Publish Your Book Q&A Series” with a pro editor, agent, and author.

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