Episode #13 – Making Sense of Life & Serving Others Through Memoir with Uma Girish

Many (probably most) people who identify as writers make sense of their lives through the written word, and memoirist Uma Girish is no exception. She has taken her writing one step further and published the stories that focus on her greatest challenges.

She shares those difficult times because of her deep belief that through sharing, her story will help others navigate the same challenges she experienced and give them a sense of hope.

Uma Girish is an award-winning author. Both of her most recent books were finalists for the Chicago Book Awards. After reading her Losing Amma, it is clear why. Her memoir is beautifully written, both heartwrenching and uplifting at the same time – no easy feat to achieve for a writer.

In this interview, we focus mostly on Uma’s second book, her memoir Losing Amma, Finding Home: A Memoir About Love, Loss, and Life’s Detours where she shares the deep pain of losing her mother while at the same time navigating an international move to the United States with a teenage daughter.

It was through this struggle that she discovered her own life purpose to serve others, beginning with elders who lived in a retirement home before moving to hospice care.

Now, Uma serves clients across the globe in her work as a spiritual mentor for women who are struggling with life changes. She continues to publish insightful weekly blog posts as well as books.

In this episode, Uma shares:

  • How being vulnerable and honest in her writing has allowed her to connect with others
  • How she decides what to include in writing memoir
  • Her writing process and how she actually gets the story out and onto the page

Connect with Uma Girish:

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