Episode #14 – Busted: Not Enough Time to Create

In this week’s episode, I’m shattering so many of the most common “time” objections when it comes to creating and playing. Have you ever said (or thought) when it comes to your creative practice:

  • “I’m too busy,”
  • “there’s not enough time,”
  • “I’ll have more time when _, and then I’ll do it.”

Yep…me too. It takes some re-thinking and mindset shifts to realize that you in fact DO have the time.

If you’ve ever fallen victim to the “not enough time” lie, we’re tackling time and what to do when you just don’t feel like you’ve got enough of it.

I’m here to tell you, you have plenty of time, it’s all about figuring out what you’re actually spending your time on, prioritizing your creativity, and committing to it.

You have a CHOICE as to how you spend your time. We can’t manage time. We can only manage ourselves, so let’s learn how to do that.

In this solo episode, I discuss:

  • how we make ourselves “victims” of time
  • how you can identify your most common “time” bandits
  • mindset shifts that can actually create MORE time in your life
  • three key steps to get control of time and “find” the time to do the things you love

Links Mentioned in the Show

Emily Dickinson’s poem, “The Clock Strikes One”

The clock strikes One —
That just Struck Two —
Some Schism in the SUM —
A Vagabond from Genesis
Has Wrecked the Pendulum.

Episode 11 all about creative resistance

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