Episode #15 – Using Your Human Design to Guide Your Creative Decision Making

Personal growth and development, learning about who we are and how to navigate this world to the best of our abilities lights me up. I love learning about myself so I can live in a way that’s aligned with who I am.

It’s fun! And this episode exploring Human Design and how it can help us make decisions in our lives is a perfect example.

I started hearing of Human Design sometime in the summer of 2019. I was curious and looked it up but found it confusing and difficult to understand how it could apply in a useful way in my daily life.

Then, a friend shared that learning about their human design from this week’s guest had a significant impact on the ease and joy with which they approached their creative projects, whether that was their latest book or their business.

So, I connected with Jackie Johnstone, Human Design pro, and we dove in. Before you listen to this episode, go ahead and grab your chart at Jovianarchive.com or Mybodygraph.com.

You’ll need to know both your PLACE and TIME of birth, so you might have to grab your birth certificate before you head on over to one of the sites.

When you get your chart, it’s more than a little intimidating, but Jackie does a great job breaking down some of the most important elements, like your type and the best way to approach decision making for each type.

In episode, Jackie and I discuss:

  • A basic overview of the five types of human design
  • How your human design can help you make decisions that feel perfectly right for you
  • The best analogy ever of how we, as humans, make decisions intuitively and NOT from our mind and how those decisions can be much easier for us to follow through on and “go” with if we make them according to our design
  • How responding and diving into creating according to our design can have a dramatic (and positive) impact on our efforts

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