Episode #16 – How to handle too many creative ideas

Sometimes the problem is not that we’re blocked creatively; it’s that we have so many ideas that we can’t figure out which one we want to dive into and explore. So, we become paralyzed and do nothing which is absolutely ZERO fun in the creativity department.

Today, I’m sharing some research behind why we get demotivated to actually make a decision when we’re faced with too many choices – it’s not you…it’s your brain. 

And thankfully, there are some strategies and steps you can take to break it down, so you make a decision and begin creating. 

In this solo episode, I discuss:

  • how we love the idea of options but too many options can demotivate us to act
  • how not deciding is still making a choice
  • four steps to overcome idea overwhelm and get started on a new project

Links Mentioned in the Show

Barry Schwartz’s TED Talk, The Paradox of Choice

Episode 15 where Jackie Johnstone talks about an “idea shelf”

“Free Will” lyrics by Rush

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