Episode #2 – Creative Play Dates

How do you start to feed your creative soul when you haven’t acted on that creative calling you’ve got or you don’t know where to start?

This happens when you’re in that vicious cycle of guilt because we don’t feel we’re “caught up enough” to be entitled to “enjoy.” How do we begin to do the thing we’re called to do when it can feel really scary and big and hard? The answer is to do it with intention and plan it.

I’m talking today about a super fun tool to feed your creativity – I call them creative play dates, but they’re also known as artists dates.

The creative play date is the planting of the seed AND the sowing of the soil. It gives us the ideas that we can play with in our creative work AND it gives us the courage and space to actually do the work.

We need both – the ideas and the courage, right?

In this episode I’m sharing:

  • Why plan and take yourself on a creative play date
  • Ideas for your own creative play dates
  • Some of my own creative play dates 

Here are some pictures from the studio visit I did for a creative play date this fall. I went to Sharon Thompson’s house/studio.

Getting lost on the way to her house, but the drive along the base of the Ruby mountains was stunning!!!
a recent stunning scrap quilt where her amazing use of scraps and value create myriad patterns across the quilt’s surface
Sharon’s design wall with her current work in progress – a hand applique framed by a scrappy irish chain.
A pile of completed quilts on her guest bed. These will all be donated to causes she supports.
A donation quilt
A corner of her studio – fabric and batting EVERYWHERE!

After listening to the episode, I invite you to share pics of your creative play dates on Instagram and be sure to tag me @amyisamancreative and use the hashtag #dearcreativitypodcast.

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