Episode #21 – Exploring Creativity to Discover Your Life Purpose with Jewel Marin

This was SUCH a fun episode to record because we went way WOO, and I love that. My guest this week, Jewel Marin, is a psychic who helps her clients find their life purpose and unlock and express that purpose through creative means. In fact, she calls her work with clients a Creative Revolution.

Jewel Marin and I share a deep belief about creativity – that it’s a tool for self-discovery. As Jewel said, “It’s a light that helps you see all the treasures you have inside, and it helps you bring them forward to share with the world.”

Explore the things that light you up, start small, take baby steps, and have fun.

And keep creating. The world needs your joyful light that your creative gifts bring to us all.

In this episode, we  discussed:

  • several strategies to both discover your life purpose and deepen your creative practice
  • taking baby steps and starting small can help you get past the fears of starting at all
  • how focusing on your joy and play during the quarantine of Covid 19 can help you get through the isolation and fear
  • the difference between your life purpose, your job, and your creative expression

Connect with Jewel Marin

Jewel Marin is from a long line of seers on both sides of her family and started her work in 2009 with a dramatic psychic awakening. She specializes in helping people connect to their life’s purpose and letting go of all blocks surrounding its expression. Her work uses creativity as a catalyst for healing and deep inner change, helping individuals play full-on in the game of life.

If you’d like to connect with Jewel, you can find her at:

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