Episode #22 – Brand Clarity & Creativity with Maggy Sterner

Maggy Sterner is a brilliant brand and business coach who works with creatives, coaches, and consultants. And she has based the whole foundation of her business, and helping her clients get brand clarity, on the principles of play and fun…because who wants to do work you don’t want to do?

Maggy’s business and life philosophy is that our life is all just a made-up game, so we might as well play and play well! And, I couldn’t agree more.

Here’s one of my favorite quotes of the episode:

“Creativity is when we give ourselves full permission to play the games that we want to make up to play because they’re fun and interesting to us.”

Maggy Sterner

In this episode, we  discussed:

  • why shifting your mindset to one of play and games make everything easier
  • how artists and writers can think of their brands in order to confidently share their work with the world
  • the “formula” for achieving the confidence to share your message and work with the world
  • how to tell the difference between creative exploration vs. getting totally off track

Connect with Maggy Sterner

Maggy Sterner is a brand and business coach. She helps coaches, consultants, and creatives get clarity about what they offer, find the words to tell people about it, and discover the confidence to stand for their superpower.

Her six-week virtual coaching program, PITCH POWER ® LIVE! : Get Clarity About What You Do & Confidence to Talk About It, is designed to help participants get clarity about the key parts of a brand and leaves them with a clear, simple, powerful elevator pitch they can use anywhere, anytime. This is an AMAZING program. Find the details here.

If you’d like to connect with Maggy, you can find her at:

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