Episode #23 – Creativity & Your Astrological Chart with Karrie Myers Taylor

Karrie Myers Taylor is an empowerment astrologist, and you’ll hear throughout the conversation how stunned I was at how specific astrology can get in terms of guiding us. I had no idea.

In this interview, Karrie does a phenomenal job explaining the basics of astrology as well as walking listeners through an explanation of the 5th house which is the house of creativity! Our charts can actually tell us how we might best express our creative gifts.

Before this interview, I was a total astrological newbie, but Karrie is a gifted teacher. By the end of it, words like “transit” and “rising sign” actually made sense. If astrology has intrigued or and confused you, this is a great introduction that made it accessible and actually super applicable to life on a day to day basis.

In this episode, we  discussed:

  • Three key pieces that every newbie should know about their chart
  • How knowing and understanding your mid-heaven sign can support you if you want to turn your creative work into a career
  • How knowing your chart can help you get past the paralysis and fears of doing what’s in your heart to do (38:00 ish)
  • What it means to be on the cusp between two signs (47:00 ish)

Here’s how to find your 5th house on your astrology chart:

Connect with Karrie Myers Taylor

Karrie Myers Taylor is a strategic Astrological Guide, specializing in Astrology for Business, Relationships & Health.  Her in-person and online sessions empower you with practical, cosmic guidance to help you navigate your path and start living the life you were BORN to live.

Karrie’s accurate intuition, mindset re-patterning meditations, energetic healing techniques and real world strategies – combined with a 10+ year business background – has helped people across the globe bring their Soul Purpose down to earth and into the real world, manifesting the relationships, businesses and mindsets they’ve always wanted.

During these uncertain times, Karrie wants as many people as possible to feel empowered by the wisdom and guidance lying in their Astrology charts. You can sign up for her mailing list at www.km-taylor.com, anytime during the month of April 2020, and receive a 25% off promo code, redeemable for any of her LIVE online readings.

If you’d like to connect with Karrie, you can find her at:

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