Episode #24 – Idea to Action: how to move through the creative process

Somehow, creators (which I believe all of us are) find inspiration and manage to get ephemeral ideas from their head and heart and into some sort of tangible form, whether it’s a book, a painting, an app, a song, or even a mud pie. Through the creative process, we bring ideas to fruition which is kind of fascinating.

How does this happen? There are a few steps that creating entails but this is not a linear process; it is a spiral, a dance of movement and meditation, stepping forward, pausing, moving back to earlier steps, refining ideas, and taking action again.

In this episode, I talk about each of these steps and the dance we do as we bring our ideas into the world.

During the Corona Virus pandemic, I’ve been relying deeply on my journaling and creative practices to help sustain me, so I’ve been thinking about my own creative practice and process. I’ve also been playing with combining journaling with paint and memorabilia in a mixed media format that I haven’t ever played with but it’s transformative and super fun.

This has also made me think deeply about my own creative process.

Whether it’s a book, a collage, a painting, a poem, a sculpture, whatever, how do we do it? What’s the process? Is there a single process that we can maybe follow to make it easier or does it look different for each of us? How, exactly, do we go from random idea in our head to creating or doing the thing? And how do we trust that we’re doing it “right?” Or is there even a “right” process?

That’s what this episode is all about, the spiral of creation.

Interestingly, after recording, editing and uploading this episode, I discovered all kinds of charts, posters, and information on line on The CREATIVE PROCESS. But I’m super glad I didn’t research this episode AT ALL other than to dive into my own process.

Relying solely on my own experience was an incredibly valuable exercise.

What’s interesting is that many of the official creative process steps have “research” in there, and while I’ll be going back and probably doing another episode on this topic and including some alternate perspectives, remember that relying on your own thoughts/ideas IS a super valuable and important part creating.

Figure out what YOU think first before you begin to expand with other people’s ideas. Your opinion and ideas are necessary.

Keep creating. We need you!

In this solo episode, I discuss:

  • The main steps in my own creative process: inspiration/ideas, filling the well, rest/compost, exploring/playing, connecting, trusting, taking action
  • Why it’s crucial to think about this is a spiral rather than a linear process
  • How focusing on your creative process rather than the final product can help get you into your creative zone and a happier place

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