Episode #27 – How to Use Essential Oils for Creativity with Emma Kupu Mitchell

Essential oils not only smell amazing but they also absorb into the blood stream and work systemically on the body. And, they work through the olfactory (smell) system, which is tied closely to emotions and memory. They’re powerful!

In this episode, I spoke with Emma Kupu Mitchell, a certified aromatherapist, who also sat on the Aromatherapy Organization Council, Britain’s version of the FDA. I wanted to explore if or how essential oils can enhance or impact creativity or a flow state, and the answer Emma gave is actually not the one I expected.

There are hundreds of different essential oils and when combined together, an infinite number of blends you could make with them which makes the whole field a bit overwhelming. Emma did a great job of explaining:

  • how essential oils work on the body and mind
  • how to use essential oils safely
  • how to decide which oils to use to help with your creativity
  • why less is more when it comes to essential oils
  • and how to mix EO’s effectively to create a synergistic blend for yourself

One great tip Emma shared is to start with what you love and how you want to feel. Think of EO’s as little doses of energy, so before doing creative practice – ask, “How am I feeling today on a scale of 1-10? And how do I want to feel to get the best out of my time to work creatively?”

Then, choose 2-3 different scents and smell them directly from the bottle. Use the one that smells the strongest and that you love at that moment.

Resources to get Essential Oils and Books to Learn More:


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Connect with Emma Kupu Mitchell

Emma is a Soul Medicine Artist weaving ancient wisdom teachings into the modern way of living. With over 30 years of Holistic education in the Healing Arts her focus is on vibrational modalities which includes aromatherapy, numerology, and elemental astrology to name a few. Emma’s variety of work allows her to fully customize your experience. She calls herself “an Artist for the Soul.” as together you choose and create your own Soul Palette!

If you’d like to connect with Emma, you can find her at:

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