Episode #29 – The Power of Asking Questions to Expand your Creative Thinking with Dr. Brandolyn Thran

In this episode, Dr. Brandolyn Thran, a brilliant woman who’s got a Ph.D. in Molecular Biology, and I go deep into the value of asking really good questions.

You might be wondering…why is there a molecular biologist on a podcast about creativity? Because science is all about asking questions, exploring answers, embracing failure, and figuring out the next question to explore and really, does it get any more creative than that!?

Asking good questions, the right kind of questions can open us up, drive creative growth, and even get us in touch with our deepest vulnerabilities.

Asking a question means that we don’t know all the answers which can be scary as one question could lead to more questions or to failure…but that just gets us to the next fun question.

In our episode, we talked about:

  • What kinds of questions to ask to drive your creativity
  • How failure is not a bad thing (even though many of bright high-achieving women have learned that it is)
  • the imposter syndrome that Brandolyn experienced when she left ten years in the lab and headed into the world of education to revamp science in schools and make it FUN – yes, even a brilliant woman with a PhD deals with the fun stuff like imposter syndrome!

One of my favorite quotes was when Brandolyn talked about how as women, “we have to train our brains to be comfortable with not knowing the answers.” This discomfort can be scary and, well, uncomfortable, but this is also where we have the opportunity to explore, to ponder, and to create something new.

What will you create?

Connect with Dr. Brandolyn Thran

Dr. Brandolyn Thran has a passion for life science, education, and God. She is having a ball exploring the intersection between the three and expanding her range as she attempts to write her first book, currently titled “Scattered Brilliance”. She has been married 22 years to Robby and they have a 14-year old son who loves baseball and cars.

Brandolyn loves red shoes, skorts, and takes comfort and functionality over style in all things. She loves spring and summer, and is always cold so don’t be thrown off by a parka in July. She holds advanced degrees in Cell and Molecular Biology and Environmental Science with a concentration in Microbiology. Her favorite things to do is to be outside in the sun, quilt, play the piano or ukulele and to take the back roads while laughing all the way home.

If you’d like to connect with Brandolyn, you can find her at:

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