Episode #3 – Entering the Art Hole

Yes, I did name this episode Entering the Art Hole…because it was a highlight of my conversation with graphic artist and illustrator, Ashley Bradley.

After having her second child, and then a third shortly thereafter, Ashley Bradley learned that while she loves her kids (and they will get fed), she must feed herself with a steady diet of creative pursuits. As a self-taught artist, Ashley has grappled with the creative demons that plague many of us.

In this episode Ashley and I talk about:

  • The innate creativity we all have and how we MUST express it in some way
  • Imposter syndrome and taking baby steps to work through that
  • How saying YES to creative opportunities can push us even when it’s scary and we don’t feel ready
  • And the art hole…the space where Ashley creates

Favorite Quotes from Ashley Bradley of The Rosie Pen:

  • “Practicing what I was seeing others doing gave me the opportunity to step into my own creativity and to figure out how I wanted to express myself with my art and make it my own.”
  • “Baby steps are a huge part of the creative process.”
  • “You gotta do the damn thing.”
  • “Just go into an art hole. Just go.”

About Ashley:

Ashley is the founder and owner of The Rosie Pen, where she designs graphics and illustrations for clients. She also teaches hand and brush lettering classes.

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