Episode #30 – When What You Want to Create Feels Useless or Impractical

Have you ever NOT created something because it just felt like a waste of time? If so, this solo episode is for you, my creative friend.

Focusing on the product and making sure the time we’re spending on creating is worthwhile and useful is a HUGE creative block for some. It’s a block I’ve personally had to work through and one that still will occasionally rear its blocky head in my own and my client and students’ creative heads.

So, let’s breakthrough this block once and for all, put the creative process OVER product, and create for the pure joy, play, and fun of it!

Links Mentioned in the Show

  • What the hell is a table runner for? – I have removed this post doing a major reorganization of my posts and site because AUDIENCE MATTERS!! And this post was written to help me find my voice and write regularly, not for my current audience.

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