Episode #36 – Creative Thinking Techniques with Hannah Fitzgibbon

Creativity and creative thought are both intuitive AND strategic, and Hannah and I dove deep into some specific creative thinking techniques we can all use to come up with our best ideas and create our best work.

In this interview, we talked about:

  • Why coming up with the most ideas is the WAY to the best ideas
  • Strategies to come up with more ideas with divergent and convergent thinking
  • Using associations between words to come up with new ideas and introduce a level of tension to your brainstorming
  • Using Roukes list to develop ideas 
  • How to USE procrastination intentionally to fire up your creativity and make and reframe what might feel like procrastination into the incubation phase of the creative process
  • The importance of having a way to record ideas

The image Hannah painted after combining ideas in different ways to extend her thinking about what she wanted to paint. She discussed this in the podcast.

Links & Books Mentioned in the Show

Connect with Hannah Fitzgibbon

Hannah Fitzgibbon left her corporate finance job to reconnect with her creativity. Her goal is to help people like you develop and trust your creativity to find more joy and flow in work you love. Hannah is a curator of ideas – bringing diverse research together to tell stories about creativity. She also draws, paints and writes.

If you’d like to connect with Hannah, you can find her at:

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