Episode #40 – How to set up systems that support your creative productivity with Anna De Salvo

Anna De Salvo, a productivity coach and teacher, dropped some incredible gems in our discussion on productivity for creatives. We dove into specific strategies that creatives can use to set up their day to get the important stuff done without feeling overwhelmed. This is a super actionable episode about the importance of creating the space for your creative work and how to honor that space.

Some of the key points we discuss are:

  • how working with your natural energy can help with how you structure your day
  • two key strategies to help clear your plate
  • why doing your creative work and play must be a priority to avoid living in constant survival mode
  • one quick strategy to keep your priorities and creative work top of mind
  • the importance of identifying the obstacles that most often get in your way and how to deal with them
  • why tracking your time is super important to figuring out how your spending your time
  • how and why to use “wiggle room” in your schedule

Connect with Anna De Salvo

Anna De Salvo is a productivity teacher, mom, wife, speaker, and course creator for working moms. She helps women create the time, find their balance and get their to-do list done without feeling like they have to do it all.

Her passion is helping working women find their personal work-life balance, while still feeling accomplished. Utilizing her degrees in Business and Education, as well as her 11 years as a classroom teacher, she has a unique skill set to help working women manage life’s demands.

If you’d like to connect with Anna, you can find her at:

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