Episode #41 – How to Start Writing & Creating Again After a Break

 The stop-start struggle is a REAL thing when it comes to getting our creative work done, but thankfully, there are strategies that work to get going again when you have a project you hit pause on and aren’t quite sure how to pick back up.

Big projects, like books, often fall into this category because they can take a LONG time to write, and life happens while we’re writing. Give this episode a listen to get your creative mojo back and make significant progress on your projects.

In this solo episode, I discuss:

  • How we get into the frustrating stop/start cycle in a creative project
  • Strategies that don’t work to get you focused back on your writing or project
  • Why working only when we feel inspired is one great way to actually keep yourself from making progress on your work
  • Seven strategies to help you commit to and do the creative work that you’re called to do

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