Episode #42 – How to Change Your Creative Mindset with Life Coach Selena Maestes

Have you ever really wanted to create or write something, really dive into a dream project, and rather than doing the work, you found yourself stopping and starting, getting in your own way, and sabotaging your progress? If so, you’ve got some sneaky beliefs in your subconscious that are running the show.

In this episode, life coach Selena Maestes explains that these beliefs are what we call your mindset, and thankfully, it IS possibly to recognize, uncover, and break down these beliefs so you can do your creative work.

I loved this interview with Selena because she shared such clear, practical strategies and tips that you can start using right now to shift your thinking.

Some of the key points we discuss are:

  • What, exactly, a life coach does (I’ve worked with life coaches and Selena gave the BEST most clear definition ever)
  • How we can begin to recognize and clear beliefs that get in our way
  • A strategy called the Ladder Technique that we can use right away to begin to shift our thinking
  • The four most common mindsets that get in people’s way (ie. the most common beliefs that make us stumble)

Connect with Selena Maestes

Selena is a Life and Mindset Coach for working moms. She is a mindset expert with a background in Psychology and competitive athletics. She’s also a single mom to two boys. Her mission is to dispel the myth that you don’t have to choose between motherhood and a fulfilling professional life.

You CAN run a business, be an amazing mom, AND not lose yourself in the process. She understands that your mind is the ONLY thing holding you back. She sees the mental boulders you are throwing in your path, blocking your success. Selena will help you break the boulders apart and move them out of your way. With this new found clarity, you not only succeed as a working mom, you make the money you deserve while doing it!

If you’d like to connect with Selena, you can find her at:

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