Episode #48 – The Power of Play to Amp Up Your Creativity & Joy

This is an episode I’ve wanted to do for a LONG time because play, taking time OUT of your busy life to PLAY and have fun, is actually one of the best ways to amp up your creativity, your joy, and (ironically) your productivity.

In this solo episode, I discuss:

  • what play actually is (according to the research)
  • some key mindset shifts that will help you embrace play
  • how to figure out what you might like to do for play
  • how to add it into your life

If you’d like to get your journal, here are the prompts I shared to help you figure out YOUR way to play:

  1. Think about, if you had twenty-five hours in a day, nobody else, just you. What would you DO in that twenty-fifth hour?
  2. Create a list of your childhood loves in two columns
    1. Column 1 – what you loved to do as a kid
    2. Column 2 – how that translates as an adult
  3. Be fast and frivolous as you answer these next prompts!!!
    1. List twenty things that you enjoy doing or have enjoyed doing
      1. When was the last time you let yourself do that thing? Put a date next to it.
  4. Imaginary lives – if you have five imaginary lives, what would you do in them?
    1. Can you add pieces of any of these lives to the life you’re living now?
  5. List five hobbies that sound fun
  6. Five skills it would be fun to have
  7. Five silly things you’d like to try at least once
  8. What were the most common objections your mind came up with to keep you from even writing down these ideas?
    1. Too old? Costs too much? Etc. 
    2. List them – then listen to Episode 34 about a great way to deal with your inner critic dealing with your inner critic

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