Episode #5 – Sleep Tips for Creatives

Getting enough sleep is key to not only making sure you’ve got the energy to create but also to guarantee that you’ve also got the brainpower. Without good sleep…you won’t. In this episode, get tips on falling AND staying asleep to fire up your creative powers.

This week my friend Brittney Stefanic joined me to talk all about sleep, that sometimes elusive, always wonderful, thing we do each and every night.

I’ve known Brittney since we worked together teaching at the local high school, and we both have since left and followed our entrepreneurial dreams. Brittney’s dream began after her son was born and she discovered that her beloved new little baby was having a massive (and not so welcome) impact on her sleep…until she discovered that she could teach her new little guy to sleep.

Shortly thereafter, she became a certified sleep consultant and has since launched the Sleeper Teachers Agency, where she and her team educate and support families around the world in finding sleep solutions.

In this episode, Brittney and I talk about:

  • Your sleep hygiene (yep, that’s a thing)
  • How bedtime screen time can impact your sleep (and not in a good way)
  • How to set yourself up so you can stay asleep ALL night long
  • Why sleeping enough is key to your creative brain power
  • The alarming physical impacts of a chronic sleep debt
  • A few tips for setting up a sleep sanctuary
  • And…a fun example of how REM sleep can amp up our creativity and problem solving in our waking life

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