Episode #56 – Using Hypnosis to Break Through Creative Blocks with Doug Sands

Hypnosis is one of the fastest and most powerful tools we have for changing our beliefs and when those beliefs impede our creative work, it’s time to tackle them which we can do with hypnosis, either guided or self-hypnosis can help us break through those blocks and clear our limiting beliefs.

In this episode, we discussed:

  • Doug’s near-death experience that brought him to developing a meditation practice and ultimately hypnosis to begin to deal with his anxiety and depression
  • Two ways hypnosis can address and change your beliefs
  • How brain waves work and what hypnotism actually is

Links Mentioned in the Show

  • Doug’s self-hypnosis programs – in the podcast, we discussed his February programs but this episode went live after his program. Thankfully, Doug recorded them here!

Connect with Doug Sands

Doug Sands is a consulting hypnotist who helps would-be adventurers overcome fear and anxiety. He is also the host of the Making Meaning Podcast, a show that interviews top adventurers about the struggles they’ve overcome in their journey.

If you’d like to connect with Doug, you can find him at:

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