Episode #57 – Reconnecting to Creativity through Motherhood with Singer/Songwriter Mara Measor

Regardless of how old we are when we become parents, it’s a life-changing experience. Happily, becoming a mother reconnected singer/songwriter Mara Measor with her music and her voice. She’s also looking for submissions from artists and creatives of all kinds to submit work on how their journey as a parent has impacted their creative work.

In this episode, we discussed:

  • How having a child reconnected her to her love of music and singing.
  • Her struggles with self-doubt and how mothering helped her begin to overcome them
  • How befriending her inner-critic finally allowed her to begin sharing and embracing her work

Links Mentioned in the Show

  • Submissions for Mara’s book are closed.

Connect with Mara Measor

Mara Measor is a singer-songwriter and co-founder of a creative agency. She has devoted her life to telling stories, both her own and of the clients she works with every day. Her most recent songs capture the experience of learning to feel at home with new identities: a child grieving a parent’s death, a new mother navigating cross-cultural parenting, an artist looking for peace.

If you’d like to connect with Mara, you can find her at:

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