Episode #59: Nurturing Creativity in Our Children with Nina Meehan

Over the past year, with schools and daycares closed, parents and kiddos have spent far more time together than they might normally. And while this has been challenging, Nina Meehan who works with families on developing a creative mindset has viewed it as an opportunity. In this conversation Nina shares what that mindset is, how to awaken our children’s creative gifts, and have more fun on our parenting journey. She also shares some specific and super easy ideas on how to do this.

This episode is NOT about hitting the craft store and making creative projects. It’s about engaging and interacting with your kids in ways that speak their language of play and imagination to help everyone have a little bit more fun.

In this episode, we discussed:

  • How parents can speak their children’s language of play to encourage creativity, have more fun, and create connections with their kids
  • How creative parenting is a mindset NOT a craft project
  • Why the creative process is more important than the outcome
  • Ideas and easy ways to infuse creativity into daily life
  • Nina’s 5×5 of Creative Parenting

Connect with Nina Meehan

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