Episode #62 – Finding Your Creative Flow with Kerry Lee, The Alchemical Artist

Today’s guest on the dear Creativity Let’s Play podcast is Kerry Lee, The Alchemical Artist. She’s a visual artist, who went through a massive decades-long bout of what so many of us have gone through – creative constipation and blockage that she finally broke through in mid-life. How’d she do it? She shares her story as well as ideas based in Intentional Creativity® to help listeners break through their own creative blocks to start living a life of joyful intentional creativity.

In this episode, we discussed:

  • How she chose to follow her JOY to reclaim her identity as an artist that she’d lost as a young teen
  • Her incredible story of finding a painting she’d done as a teen that told her story 40 years later
  • What can happen to us as artists and creatives when we get in the flow and past the self-judgment

Links Mentioned in the Show

  • Smashbooking episode with fellow Intentional Creativity teacher, Catt Z
  • Link to the story of the symbolic self-portrait painting that foretold Kerry Lee’s future that was found in the attic of her childhood home

Meet Kerry Lee

Kerry Lee, The Alchemical Artist, experienced a 35-year case of “creative constipation” when she tried to conform to others expectations vs. her natural-born strengths and desires. In 2013 after experiencing major challenges in her personal and work life she was able to release her block and the path to reclaiming her creativity and experiencing life according to her began. During the 2020 pandemic, she gathered many of her life and creative experiences and founded The Self Discovery Wisdom School. Kerry Lee and her team of self-discovery specialists help women (and men) who feel stuck or lost in their current experience of life, who know there is more, and think it’s my time, find their way to clarity, confidence, and freedom.

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