Episode #7 – How Systems Can Support Creativity with Yong Pratt

Today’s guest, Yong Pratt, went from working as a dancer to owning a dance studio to podcasting and teaching others how to podcast. When we discussed the connection between the two, I loved her answer.

It’s all choreography, pulling all the little pieces of ideas into a whole that tells a story, whether that’s through movement or communication.

Throughout this episode, Yong shares her wisdom and insight she’s learned over years of working as a creative. And yes, she was my teacher who helped get Dear Creativity…Let’s Play out of my head and actually uploaded onto your podcast player.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • the importance of setting aside time and scheduling in creative time
  • how Yong batches work and tasks to free up time to be more creative
  • how she nurtures her own creativity
  • the serendipitous fun that happens when we start sharing our dreams (I swear – the universe is listening)!

If you’re ready to start your own podcast and create something new and fun, check out episode 7.

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