Episode 73: Finding Your Perfect Writing Process

If your current writing practice doesn’t feel as fun or productive as you’d like it to, you might consider tracking what you’re doing and what’s working. Often what we think is working isn’t. In this episode, I discuss the process Rachel Aaron shared in her book 2k to 10k to amp up her writing productivity and how you can take her method to find your own perfect writing process.

The idea of taking a data-driven look at your creative process might feel uninspiring, however, if tracking what we’re doing with data can help us to have more fun with our writing and feel good about our writing sessions, why not give it a go? This is really about finding your own writing process rather than cherry-picking ideas from different writers or trying things that might not be aligned with how you work.

Here’s what you’ll learn in this solo episode:

  • a simple process for tracking your current writing process to find out what’s really working

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