Episode 79: Writing Through Grief with Novelist Piper Punches

Loss, heartache, major life changes, pain are all part of the human condition. Nobody escapes dealing with the hard and painful stuff. My guest this week, novelist Piper Punches, works through her heartache on the page and through her characters that somehow end up navigating similar challenges to what she’s navigating. She’s done this both intentionally and unintentionally as she discovered looking back at her body of work. This episode is not about journaling or working through your grief on the page in that way. Instead, it’s about how writing fiction and stories can help us with grief.

In this episode, we discussed:

  • How writing fiction and having conversations with characters that help yu work through challenging times in your own life
  • The importance of allowing for situations our character’s lives to arise organically
  • Writing about difficult situations and pain in fiction allows us to deal with and understand difficult issues from a variety of perspectives
  • The importance of trusting your own writing process whether you’re a planner or a discovery writer

Piper’s Books & Books We Mentioned

Meet Piper Punches

Piper Punches is the Amazon bestselling novelist of The Waiting Room, 60 Days (Missing Girl Series – Book 1), The Murder Lawyer, and the novella, Missing Girl. Her books have been read by readers across the globe and she strives to write fiction that connects. Whether she’s writing a legal thriller, a family drama, or a psychological thriller, relationships are always at the center of the story. Piper believes that the more we know each other, the better chance humanity has of surviving.

Connect with Piper Punches

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