Episode 80: Cultivating Patience as a Writer

We live in an Amazon Prime, Netflix, fast food, “I want it NOW” kinda world. Life moves fast, and when we decide we want something, we generally can get it fairly quickly. No more waiting for a movie to come out or the VHS to get or checking to see if it’s been returned to Blockbuster. We just stream it. We get items we’ve ordered in a day or two.

Sadly (in my mind at least), writing and producing books quickly has not escaped the “right now” push in modern society.

And that’s what this episode is about today – how can we cultivate patience as writers? How can we embrace writing slowly?

Here’s what I discuss in this solo episode:

  • The emphasis on productivity and speed in writing
  • When it comes to our creative work, to sharing our messages and stories that we’re drawn to, that we feel deeply, is speed the most important piece of writing? Or, is cultivating patience and writing slowly as a writer a better way to go? There is no right answer. I invite you to explore what works for your process.
  • The results of my writing tracking experience that I discuss in episode 73
  • The value in allowing for time to your creative process to happen
  • A few tips on speeding up your writing sessions

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